Best of Show

1937 Cord 812 Phaeton

Laura & Jack Boyd Smith Jr-1937 Cord 812 Phaeton (3)







Concours d’Elegance

Rendezvous of the Greats

The Concours D’Elegance will once again be held in the closed off streets of beautiful downtown Chattanooga’s West Village. Spectators will be able to get a close-up view of some very rare, historically significant cars.   Last year’s Best in Show went to a 1967 Ferrari 275GTB/4 NART Spyder owned by the Rare Wheels Collection, while the Timeless Elegance Award went to Jack Boyd Smith’s 1936 Packard 12.  The People’s Choice award went to Jeff Hardin’s 1950 Buick Special.  The Chattanooga Motorcar Festival welcomes back Chief Mike Tillson.


Gathering of the Greats – Ferrari Edition

Chattanooga Motorcar Festival welcomes back for a second year the Gathering of the Greats – Ferrari Edition, which will be displayed with the The Westin as the backdrop.  The prestigious gathering will feature a curated selection of Enzo-era competition and GT Ferraris.  This display will be the headline of the Festival’s Concours d’Elegance.




Judged Classes
– Brass & Tin Pre 1918
– Electric Cars
– Viper
– “It’s a Duesy”
– Pre-War Special Interest
– Pre-War American Classic
– Pre-War European Classic
– Vintage and Custom Motorcycles
– Postwar American Special Interest
– Postwar European Special Interest
– Postwar European Sports (Early)
– Postwar European Sports (Late)

-Mercedes Benz SL 1979-1989
– Postwar Bri sh Sports (Early)
– Postwar Bri sh Sports (Late)
– Postwar American Sports
– American Muscle – Pre 1975
– RADwood 1980-1999
– Porsche 356
– Porsche 911 – Pre 1989

Exhibition Classes
– Modern Supercar
– NASCAR the 1980’s
– Canossa Fall Rally

Gathering of the Greats – Ferrari
– Road Cars
– Hyper Cars

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