Fall Rally Chattanooga

Explore the deep cuts carved into Appalachian Mountains behind the wheel of your favorite car. Cherish the fresh, cool, and crisp fall air while you traverse from Tennessee to North Carolina, climbing peeks and diving into valleys painted in autumn colors. Your destination on this exhilarating journey is the historic town of Asheville where you’ll enjoy an evening of camaraderie with fellow Rally Enthusiast and a rejuvenating overnight stay. 

Participants of the CANOSSA FALL RALLY OF CHATTANOOGA are welcomed to a two-day scenic and casual road rally from Chattanooga to Asheville, North Carolina, returning to Chattanooga in time for the Chattanooga Motorcar Festival kick-off Event. While this rally is not a competitive, timed event, participants have the option to partake in the ‘Fun&Games’ activities which will provide for a casual and fun element of ‘competition’. Awards will be given for answering riddles, finding treasures or alike.

Entry Procedures

Registrations are not confirmed without the written confirmation from the Organizers.  Chattanooga Motorcar Festival, and Canossa, the “Organizers” may accept or reject any Application for Entry. The Organizers may, at their discretion, maintain a “waiting list”. Cars may be added from this list to replace accepted entries which are unable to participate. The decision to accept or reject any car and/or driver is solely that of the Organizers, and their decisions cannot be challenged or appealed. All Applications for Entry will receive a reply, accepting or rejecting the entry (and its addition to a waiting list if appropriate). Submission of an Application for Entry shall be considered as an implicit undertaking by the rally participant that he or she is familiar with and undertakes to comply with the contents of the Chattanooga Motorcar Festival and Canossa Fall Rally Chattanooga Regulations, and any other rules or regulations under which the Chattanooga Motorcar Festival and Canossa Fall Rally Chattanooga may be run. Further, the rally participant agrees that he or she recognizes the Organizers as the sole competent jurisdiction, subject to any rights of Appeal, and that he or she thus undertakes not to submit suits to arbitrators or other jurisdictions on the basis of circumstances deriving from the organization of the event and the running of the competition itself; and that he or she relieves Chattanooga Motorcar Festival, Canossa Fall Rally Chattanooga, the Organizers, and the Competition Officials and staff from any third-party liability for injury and damage suffered by himself or herself as Competitor, or by his or her drivers, passengers, employees and property. Rallye participants will sign waivers to this effect.