The Pace Grand Prix

at the Bend

The Pace Grand Prix at the Bend is an invitational event for vintage and historic race cars. The races will be held on a purpose built street course along the banks of the Tennessee River. The course will be lengthened this year and will include an infield loop and other track enhancements. Test Day will begin on Thursday. Racing will take place on Friday and Saturday. Sunday the Concours d’ Elegance will fill picturesque downtown Chattanooga. With its emphasis on race cars and racing history, the Pace Grand Prix at the Bend is a weekend of excitement and prestige on the race track! The Pace Grand Prix at the Bend is sanctioned by SVRA.  Entries will be limited in each class!

Grand Prix course map

Entry Procedures

The cars will be arranged in run groups ranging from Brass & Tin and Pre-War Era, all the way up to electric cars. Some other groups in between will include small and large bore sports cars to open wheel racers, and GT cars from the 60’s to the 80’s and 90’s, even the stock cars will have a run group.  The Pace Grand Prix at the Bend is sanctioned by SVRA and is an invitation only event.  You an request an invitation here.  All Invitation Requests must be received prior to October 4, 2022.

Accepted Entries will be limited in each class, due to the nature of the event, the amount of time required for all cars to complete the programmed runs through the circuit, and physical limitations of space in the paddock. The organizers may accept or reject any Entry to ensure that a broad range of appropriate cars can compete. The organizers may, at their discretion, maintain a “waitlist;” and cars may be added from this list to replace accepted entries which are unable to participate. The decision to accept or reject any car and/or driver is solely that of the organizers, and their decisions cannot be challenged or appealed. All Entries will receive a reply, accepting or rejecting the entry (and its addition to a waitlist if appropriate). Submission of an Entry for Chattanooga Motorcar Festival shall be considered as an implicit undertaking by the Competitor that he or she is familiar with and undertakes to comply and ensure compliance with the contents of the Chattanooga Motorcar Festival Regulations and SVRA Guidelines, and any other rules or regulations under which the Chattanooga Motorcar Festival and Chattanooga Motorcar Festival events may be run. Further, the Competitor agrees that he or she recognizes Chattanooga Motorcar Festival as the sole competent jurisdiction, subject to any rights of Appeal, and that he or she thus undertakes not to submit suits to arbitrators or other jurisdictions on the basis of circumstances deriving from the organization of the event and the running of the competition itself; and that he or she relieves Chattanooga Motorcar Festival the organizers, and the Competition Officials and staff from any third-party liability for injury and damage suffered by himself or herself as Competitor, or by his or her drivers, passengers, employees and property.

Vehicles and Drivers

Drivers are expected to compete in a gentlemanly spirit of fair play, with respect for their competitors, the cars, these Regulations, and Chattanooga Motorcar Festival and the event location property.

All Competitors/Drivers participating in Chattanooga Motorcar Festival must hold a 2022 competition license recognized by SVRA. Chattanooga Motorcar Festival will be the final authority for recognition of all licenses. Competitors/Drivers who wish to compete using a license not in compliance must contact SVRA in order to get such request approved.

All Competitors/Drivers must present a copy of their competition license attached to their Entry.

All vehicles are required to present a neat and finished appearance, with no obvious body damage. Cars which do not meet this standard in the sole determination of the organizer will not be permitted to compete.


All vehicles will be entered in one of the following classes:

  1. BRASS & TIN up to 1920
  2. Sports and Racing Cars, 1920 until 1954 (PreWar)
  3. Sports/GT cars pre 1972 under 3500cc
  4. Sports/GT cars pre 1972 over 3500cc
  5. Open Wheel Formula cars pre 1972, with treaded tires
  6. Sports/GT cars 1973 – 1999 over 3500cc
  7. Stock Cars


For questions on race entries or classes, please contact:

Kathy Swinford
National Director of Services
Sportscar Vintage Racing Association

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